Adam Dominiak
Assistant Professor of Economics
Virginia Tech · Department of Economics

Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Department of Economics
3122 Pamplin Hall (0316)
Blacksburg, VA 24061

Research interests

Microeconomic Theory Decision Theory Interactive Epistemology Experimental Economics


  • “Coherent Dempster-Shafer Equilibrium and Ambiguous Signals”, (with M.S. Lee), Journal of Mathematical Economics, forhcoming.
  • “Support Notions for Belief Functions”, (with J. Eichberger), Economics Letters (2016), 146, 28-32.
  • “Agreeing to Disagree Type Results Under Ambiguity”, (with J.-P. Lefort), Journal of Mathematical Economics (2015), 61, 119-129.
  • “Iterated Choquet Expectations - A Possibility Result”, Economics Letters (2013), 120, 155-159.
  • “Agreement Theorem for Neo-Additive Beliefs”, (with J.-P. Lefort), Economic Theory (2013), 52, 1-13.
  • “A Dynamic Ellsberg Urn Experiment”, (with P. Duersch and J.-P. Lefort), Games and Economic Behavior (2012), 75, 625-638.
  • “Agreeable Trade with Pessimism and Optimism”, (with J. Eichberger and J.-P. Lefort), Mathematical Social Science (2012), 46, 119-126.
  • “Attitudes Towards Uncertainty and Randomization: An Experimental Study”, (with W. Schnedler), Economic Theory (2011), 48, 289-312.
  • “Unambiguous Events and Dynamic Choquet Preferences”, (with J.-P. Lefort), Economic Theory (2011), 46, 401-425.

Working papers

  • “Ambiguity and Probabilistic Information”, (with J.-P. Lefort), under review.
  • “Ellsberg Meets Nash: The Ellsberg Task as a Game”, (with P. Duersch), under review, instructions.
  • “Equilibrium under Ambiguity with Belief Functions”, (with J. Eichberger), working paper.
  • “Testing Behavioral Hypothesis in Signaling Games”, (with D. Lee), working paper.

Curriculum vitae